Hope, Understanding and a Real Solution

In the beginning, nearly all addicts believe that they can stop using drugs on their own anytime they choose. Most try to stop without treatment. Most of those attempts fail.

Why Woodglen Works

Woodglen's effectiveness lies not only in its focus on the pressing problems of addiction, but also in recognizing and addressing the underlying issues and myths that perpetuate the disease. It is only by addressing these problems that the self-destructive behaviors of the addicted person can change, allowing the individual to accept their own responsibility and accountability.

People are not one-dimensional and neither are addictions. Each of us exist as mind, body and spirit, and it is only when all these facets are cared for and balanced that we can expect to lead healthy lives.

What we at Woodglen have learned about recovery has evolved over the years. We know what works. We know how to help alcoholic and drug dependent people get their lives back on track. We've blended tried and true methods with professional guidance and the wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous. We know that with love, tolerance and education, everyone can recover from addiction. We know because it has happened for us.

The Next Best Thing to Being Home

Come see for yourself. Set in the 1887 historic Porter Ranch house, Woodglen Recovery Junction dedicates itself to helping families on their journey to sobriety.

Since 1990, Woodglen has helped thousands of individuals and family members regain what they once felt was hopelessly lost…their self-respect.


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